Why women fashion is what it is.

Imagine yourself wearing a 5-inch heel and a pencil skirt and running around the office to your meetings. Or imagine wearing skin-tight jeans where your skin does not even breathe and have practically no pockets to hold our ever growing mobile phones or even some cash. No wonder we women end up carrying large bags!
Can you do it? Hardly any men will agree to indulge in women fashion themselves to just get a hang of how daunting it is.
Why women fashion is so hard to really enjoy it. Or maybe it is based on the century-old mindset of controlling women. Keep them trapped in so brainless and uncomfortable things that they can’t achieve as much as their counterparts. Tie them up in situations where they are not quick by design and then brand them “Women can’t be fast” or “they carry huge handbags how will they ever find anything” or “they are always missing keys” and the list goes on.

Now compare this with what men wear- Slick trousers and they are comfortable not super tight, flat shoe oxford kinds in which you can actually run, their pants have deep pockets and a jacket with more pockets. It is not that men need fewer things to carry, it is just that their fashion empowers them to be free. On the other hand fashion for women prohibits freedom.
All the famous pioneers of women fashion, designers who have been designing attires for women- Ralph Lauren, Gucci, LV etc. and claim to redefine women fashion with their clothes and designs. But have they really “redefine” fashion for women? Has their fashion made it easy for us? Let’s think about it more deeply.
Does the kind of fashion and style they publicize- high heels, skinny jeans, big bags etc. help us in our daily lives?
How do you feel when you get back home and put your heels down or get out of that most fashionable tight skirt? You feel in heaven right? Aren’t we suppose to feel like that all the time and especially when we are out there putting our brains to work and make a living. Probably women were never thought of “using brains” or be independent enough to make money for ourselves. We were taught by design to just look good, smile and follow men. Well, we took it seriously and now instead of following we are charging ahead.
If your fashion expects you to wear clothes which are scientifically proven to be unhealthy it is not redefining in the ”good terms”. Think about high heels, skinny tight jeans, tight tees, unforgivingly low waist pants or dresses with no pockets and the list goes on.

“Fashion should be a form of escapism and not a form of imprisonment.” ~Alexander McQueen

Sustainable fashion-
Every spring, autumn, fall, and winter we are exposed to new fashion trends. We as women are persuaded to buy more items and later labeled as shopaholics. When your environment at every touchpoint endorses that you are valuable only if you are aligned with the latest trend, you either end up succumbing to the pressure or waste lot of brain energy in avoiding such situations. Either way, you are not doing what you should be doing.
“We are our environment”

But in recent times women are moving towards sustainable practical fashion. We can see role models that are helping in breaking the years of attitude towards women and fashion. Fashionista’s like Sonam Kapoor & Deepika Padukone (Indian Actresses) are setting new trends like wearing sneakers which are more comfortable and gives you agility. Michele Obama and Arina Huffington are supporting repeat dressing. This kind of change is giving designers a run for their money. They better design practical clothing that allows women to be free and do more rather than constricts them.

Fashion should be empowering. It is a powerful force that can act as a catalyst in our journey towards an equal and a better world. A lot of designers have awakened to this change. They are designing clothes that are liberating and allow women to ‘do more’, they have recognized the contradiction in fashion and are working towards making it more realistic. The rules about who and what is beautiful are changing. They are now decided by women who will use it.
A paradigm shift is visible in women fashion. New age designers like Peter Som, Adam Lippes, Phillip Lim and more are making fashion for real women- clothes for women of all sizes and not just very thin, multifunctional dressing for women as we take on different roles, high waist pants, to functional pockets and clothes that last multiple seasons.

“A woman isn’t a paper doll to me. I want to make clothes for her life”- Peter Som

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