Welcome 2019- Be Fearless and Powerful.

I decided to just be at home and chill for this new year’s eve. Well, this is what I am doing for past two-three years now. Being at home, sleeping early, getting up early going for a run and so on. It seems to be good. This time I spent time with my parents. They have never gone out for new year eve’s. My dad does not enjoy going out and my mom is the opposite.
Today I thought let’s try to push them out. I was not very successful but still managed a quick drive with them- showing mom around.
Later I thought let me make them something nice. It is 10 degrees (C) here so hot badam (almond) milk is quite famous. Made that with loads of saffron, almonds, pistachios, and cardamom. Watched few lame soap opera’s and laughed. Best way to sign of 2018.
I hope every one of you enjoys your evening!
Enter 2019 fearless and powerful.

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