Thoughts about ‘self’.

My mind is consumed by the thought of what is life? What is reality and why we are here?

I feel there is no reason or a purpose to be here. We all die and everyone is forgotten. It is all a matter of time.

I think and I am sure we are here to feel and realize the most powerful energy- Energy of love. It is the highest form of vibration. And when we reach this highest form we change form. Maybe we evaporate or it is the point where we use our brains 100%.

This love that I am talking about is┬ánot the ‘standard love’ we feel for our parents, partner, friends etc. That is an attachment. This vibration is a strong compassion and connectedness that you realize with everyone else animate an inanimate objects. Even compassion might not be the right word. But you know it when you get it. That is the purpose.

Now the next question that comes in my mind is how to reach there?

I have started observing my every thought. It is a crazy thing to do but very revealing. My all thoughts are based on a need to ‘get attention’ in some form or the other. And when I dig deeper as in why I need attention is because I want to feel important. And why I want to feel important? Maybe because if I am not important I fear people will not love me and I will be left alone. This thought of being alone and not loved is the base. I have found my all each and every thought is based on ‘fear’. A fear of not being loved or valued. Strange!

So what can I do to become fearless?

I think I will have to deeply realize the immortality of soul or consciousness and the fact that we all and every creation is made of one single thing. We are all same and part of the whole and ‘the whole’ in ourselves. We are a complete universe, all-powerful in ourselves.

But how to really feel this and operate with this understanding? This is what I need to discover now.

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