“Sanju”- To see or not to see.

Note- This article is based on the assumption that the biopic’s content is actual and not manipulated to make it a masala movie. 

Where do I stand-

When Sanjay Dutt was awarded a jail term most of us knew that he would come out write a book and make a movie out of it. And in doing so, he will end up making millions. Which is precisely what has happened. And hence I was 90% for not watching the movie. I feel our culture per say is hypocritic because we will go and watch a celebrity make a movie out of his sad life but not give a second chance to anyone who has done a lesser crime.
Well, one of my colleagues gave a birthday treat and it was movie tickets for ‘Sanju’. I went fro the movie though I was late by 30 minutes.
After the movie where I stand- 70% for not watching the movie or 30% for watching the movie. Read however you may like it. So here is what brought my 90% to 70%.
“Sanju” is mostly a story of a wealthy misguided adult and his father struggling to get him back on track. More than Sanjay Dutt, it depicts struggles of Sunil Dutt- a dying wife, an out of hand son and later his entire life’s reputation on stake.
When you are privileged, you have access to all these things quite easily. You have money and, there are people who are waiting to pound on you. That’s how most of the people get into drugs. People who are not privileged get it through some friends and later this drives them to commit crimes to get that one doze. This crime could be anything even murder. Hence we detest them. Others might not commit a murder because they would have access to some sort of money. But if we think harder in both the cases the one taking the drugs have a similar state of mind.
The psychological cost that the addicts pay is quite similar irrespective of their financial status. The pain, the tension, the shame, the fear all these things they do not differentiate between rich and poor.
In these cases the more money you have the more you are driven towards harder drugs just because you can afford them. So in a way, it is not a blessing.
Having successful parents and not able to live up to their aspirations is another burden which only a few know about. This burden could be massive. And at times is the primary reason for people to take shelter in drugs.
In summary, the psychological cost you will pay for doing drugs is very similar irrespective of your status in society. The difference will come when you decide to fix yourself. Money will help you find better rehabs and more ways of diversion but the real strength will come out of you and no one else.

Well, keeping unlicensed arms is a crime under arms act, and the person should be dealt with accordingly.  I sometimes wonder what kind of pressures these celebrities have to go through- media, underworld, threats and more. There are both pros and cons. And how do these people deal with it? The way ‘Sanju’ did it was to keep arms to protect his family. I am not sure how I would react if I had been in the same situation. But one thing I feel is again if you are not privileged you will not have access to these things easily.
I think this part of the story is to show his side and get rid of the word “terrorist” for good. Which I believe is a fair chance and should be given. It is easy to name someone even when you don’t have enough supporting information. The result is that the person will spend his/her time in clearing their name. “Terrorist” is a strong word and should be associated with someone only after adequate proof. Keeping arms and killing are two very different things. Getting someone arrested under acts is easy in India. We know how the system works. But we should remember a person is not guilty until proven. This is a statement that can be stretched in both the directions so used it at your own discretion. So yes, if Sanjay Dutt is trying to get rid of the word “terrorist” from his name he has done a good job. He has used whatever privilege he has to achieve this which is fine. You cannot punish people for being rich or born to successful parents or whatever. If you don’t have it in you, nothing will stay for long.

All this lead to my new views- 70% not going to watch or 30% you should watch!

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