Random thoughts- The way love seeps in.

You know the area where you can usually find him. You enter a cafe causally and sit. Just realize he had shared a picture with the same kind of seats. And this is the kind of area he visits. You quickly try to fire up that picture in your phone. It was exactly a year before. You browse and browse and finally find it. You see the picture from multiple angles, check your surroundings again and again. And you realize he was sitting exactly in the empty chair in front of you- exactly, the same spot. You feel the irony and the empty chair.
That is how love seeps in and fills the emptiness. Just that it cannot fill the empty chair. And if this happens after seven years of being and not being with someone I don’t know what you can call it- love because you cannot forget or stupidity because you don’t see (read realize) the fucking empty chair.
That is how love will enter in your daily life. Small things you don’t even notice will pop up and it will become difficult. Most of the times you will be normal but there will be a few moments that are so intense that they will tear you apart. You will be able to gather yourself fairly quickly (a couple of minutes I guess) but you will always feel the power of these few minutes and what they did to you- probably a strange numbness inside you.
Is this true love? or what? Certain things you never know. And I think it is better to get accustomed to this uncertainty. You will meet new people and you will forget but such few “moments of clarity” (yes I am saying clarity because you really feel love) will come and go.

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