Food for Brain

Learning Spellings

Is it important to learn spellings? I am still not sure if I should spend time memorizing them or let just Grammerly take over.

Universe & Beyond

Did BigBang produced only one universe or there are multiple? What if there are multiple universes what is holding them, what is beyond them, what is the source?

Human Core

  1. You can do anything. Your soul (‘atma’/ core or whatever you call it) is a part of God (or any other name you would like to use). It is complete in itself. In the sense it is made of the same components as of God. Hence, it is capabale of achieving anything. Become aware of your soul /core irrespective of your body and do anything.

  2. If we keep on improving ourselves every single day, become the best version of ourselves. I think in the end we will just become an all powerful ball of energy with only one emotion in it as the fuel- Love!

     3. Live with a sense of priority, not with a sense of time. Time is a man made concept.