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The Blockchain Implementations- Reputation System

  The Blockchain is an interesting technology. If it can be implemented in its real sense it has the potential to change the world- not sure for good or for bad. There are of implementations of blockchain that if done will alleviate lives for a lot of people, reduce corruption, increase accountability and increase the living standards for everyone. In this post, I will talk…

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The future with technology:#1 Rethinking death.

What might be the greatest scientific innovation look like? How can science solve the greatest mystery of all- Death. “Bhagwat Gita- You don’t die you just change your clothes. It is more relevant now than ever.” All our memories can be constructed. Or rather we can make a memory we like. If we think of any memory of our childhood we can change it by replacing…

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Why and How to build a great product delivery team.

Upside9 was started by doing custom projects for clients who came solely via references. For a couple of months, we build projects for clients, then started to build our own products, burnt hands and then again started doing what we were good at- Building a great product or building a great product delivery team. While we served our customers we also optimized our processes so…

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